Why Is Sales Forecasting Important?

Why Is Sales Forecasting Important? | MethodData

Before we dive into all of the reasons why you need accurate sales forecasting for your business, let’s quickly address what sales forecasting is. “A sales forecast predicts what a salesperson, team, or company will sell weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.” It is almost impossible to forecast perfectly but even a forecast within 10% of your actual results can positively … Read More

What Should You Include On Your Sales Report?

What To Include In Your Sales Reports

As a sales manager, you have probably learned there are dozens of metrics you can report on when it comes to your daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly sales reports. However, it is not always necessary to report on all the data points you can access. In fact, too many KPIs can actually be overwhelming for leadership and your sales report … Read More

MethodData’s new expanded product offerings

The last 3 months have been a time of intensive testing and development here at MethodData. Companies testing our products and our internal development team in Baltimore have been working closely together daily. As result of all the great feedback we received, we are excited to announce that we have significantly expanded our report offering. MethodData now provides users with … Read More

Big Milestone for MethodData

6 January 2020 was an exciting milestone for MethodData. The team has spent the last 4 months developing through the night and over weekends. We raised our required seed funding in Quarter 4 2019 and on Monday our 2 rock-star Developers joined our team full-time. Connor and Will can now develop our exciting products 7 days a week with no … Read More