Is HubSpot’s Workflows a useful automation tool?

Curious about some of HubSpot’s Sales Automation Tools? Today we take a look at HubSpot Workflows: Sales Automation Tools Marketing Automation Tools Workflows Reporting and Workflows The real question is why wouldn’t you use workflows? Significant time can be saved by the automation of emails, tasks and even lead collection. Give your sales team time to focus on sales by … Read More

Reports vs. Dashboards: Is One Better Than The Other?

Email Reports vs Dashboards? As a company that builds both Dashboards and email Reports, we’re often asked whether a Dashboard is better than and emailed Report and vice versa. So today, we’ll break down what determines the better option for you. We will discuss: Overview of your data and reporting Email Reports or, Dashboards and, The best option for you … Read More

Data-Driven Marketing : Can Data Make A Big Difference?

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