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The first year of our HubSpot Start-Up journey

The story of the first 12 months

12 months ago, MethodData was founded by HubSpot Sales CRM users. We had become increasingly frustrated with the inability to easily get powerful Sales reporting from HubSpot. After researching, we couldn’t find a good alternative solution. We tackled the problem by developing email Reports and live Dashboards. We focused on data critical to the business operations of sales and marketing teams.

At the beginning of 2020, we engaged with 50 companies who use HubSpot and went on a listening tour. We wanted to build a company that always listened and engaged with our clients. A company where users felt that we really listened, cared and where their issues were understood. 12 months later, we live these values every day.

Our First Offerings

When we first started, we wanted to know what their reporting issues were and were they the same issues as we had experienced ourselves. We shortlisted the most pressing reporting requirements of these HubSpot users and made it possible for them to easily set up and automate the delivery of the following Reports via email: :

  • HubSpot List Report: This Report takes contacts from a HubSpot List and sends them  via email as often as you need them on a scheduled basis.
  • Sales Pipeline Change Report: This Report shows changes in Pipeline activity and stage since the last time the Report ran, as well as a list of Deals that have had no activity within a given timeframe.
  • Pipeline Deal Velocity Report: This Report sends a regular email showing the top 10 Deals with the highest velocity through the Pipeline, and the bottom 10 Deals with the slowest velocity through the Pipeline.
  • Pipeline Deal Stage Velocity Report: Similar to our Pipeline Deal Velocity Report, this Report sends a regular email showing the top 3 Deals with the highest velocity through every stage of the Pipeline and the bottom 3 Deals with the slowest velocity through every stage of the Pipeline.

Turned into more offerings

These reports quickly proved very popular with sales leadership teams. We continued to engage with HubSpot users, listened to their feedback and reacted accordingly. It soon became evident that there was a desire to have greater flexibility and live views into the sales funnel, with increased granularity.  With that in mind, last Spring, we immersed ourselves in the development of online Dashboards and widgets, starting with the following highly requested informational Dashboards:  

  • Historical Pipeline Value: This Dashboard displays the total value of any or all of your Pipelines over the last 3, 12 or 36 months in a real-time easy-to-read Dashboard.
  • Actual vs Forecasted Revenue: Users have a Real-time display of actual Pipeline value for each Sales Representative for the current quarter as well as Forecasted Revenue for the next four quarters.
  • Sales Representative Information: Detailed real-time information per Sales Representative. Available information includes: % Deals closed this quarter, % total Pipeline activity, % overall Pipeline activity, Velocity, 24-hour Pipeline activity, Pipeline totals per quarter, Breakdown of Deals closing this and next quarter, Weighed value of Deals worked and not worked this quarter and # of Deals worked and not Worked this quarter. The true gamification of Sales Representatives!

And more offerings

While we were building the initial set of Reports and Dashboards were completed, many of our clients asked us to derive even more insight into their business operations, through the more qualitative and nuanced aspects of their operations. We set about introducing Reports focused on operational optimization:

  • Contact Engagement Report: See how engaged your HubSpot users are with your Contacts by tracking tasks, calls, emails and more.
  • Task Breakdown Report: This Report sends an email report to any or all Sales Representatives which will show all their overdue Tasks and all their upcoming Tasks.
  • Overdue Deal Report: Have a look at all your overdue Deals within the number of days you choose (Up to 30 days) as well as all the Deals closing within the number of days you choose (Up to 30 days forward) with this email Report.

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A Natural Progression to Customization

As our client base grew, more and more HubSpot users were asking us for custom Reports and Dashboards. Many of our clients use HubSpot in unique ways and had specific reporting needs that were as unique as their businesses were. Over the course of the summer, we began offering custom Dashboards for those companies with custom Reporting needs. We were able to utilize the skills that we’ve developed over the course of the year, undertaking Integrations with other third-party tools, along with Hubspot data, to tackle these complex data problems and derive real operational solutions driving automation and efficiency into their sales and marketing cycles. 

“It’s reached a stage now where if the data exists within HubSpot, there’s not a Report that we can’t build for people. Any type of Report or Dashboard, we can now build.”

Sebastian Walker in an interview for

 We also noticed that a lot of the custom Reporting we were doing was for Marketing and not just Sales. Complex tracking of email campaigns with comparisons and so much more. We have been and continue to build amazing Dashboards and fulfill our client’s specific needs from lead tracking, to live campaign analysis.

Then came Integrations

While doing all of the above, we started working on a series of API Integrations. Our star developers now had a lot of experience with HubSpot’s APIs from working on our own application. So it made sense to offer this broader set of services to our clients. With the goal to make HubSpot the single source of truth for their data. To do this, they needed all of the appropriate data bought into HubSpot. They then use our application to generate the Reports that they need with all the information they want.

Looking back at our first 12 months

When we started MethodData in January 2020, we had no idea how the pandemic would upend all our lives. The last 12 months have been extremely challenging but also enormously rewarding. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing team. Thank you to each of you. 2021 is going to be an extremely exciting year for the MethodData team. We look forward to working with clients old and new over the next 12 months.

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