AN OPINION: The Social Dilemma

Wondering what all the hype about The Social Dilemma is? Here’s what I took away from the Netflix Documentary The Social Dilemma.

The Social Dilemma

A couple of weeks ago, I was sick with a horrendous stomach bug. After being off work for  Thursday and Friday, I spent the weekend slowly recovering. This included taking it easy and catching up on some great Netflix entertainment.  One of the movies that caught my interest was The Social Dilemma

Working in digital marketing, it was very appropriate for me. It just reminded me that we all have a responsibility in how we market our products and services. Often we are so focused on getting leads or selling products that we forget to think about the facts. The fact that it is a person on the receiving end and not just a lead.

Inbound with The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma also made me think about why we, MethodData, love Inbound so much. Inbound is all about bringing value to your customers or potential customers. Think thought leaders, helpful content, and industry experts. That’s what we are striving to be. Our whole business was founded on the frustration of real people. Our products are solutions to real problems.

To get back to Inbound, there are a few different platforms or forms of contact that most people use as it can be personalized and directed to potential customers rather than say a billboard, where various people see it and not many are potential customers. This is the beauty of digital marketing and the Inbound process. You can truly target the audience that you aim to sell to at the end of the day.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Take email marketing for example. According to Harvard Business Review, on average professionals receive 120 emails a day but only respond to 25% of them. I believe this is because most of the emails one receives, do not bring any value to you especially if you are not interested in the product being advertised.

According to OBERLO, 9/10 Marketers say they use email marketing. So get ready for your inbox to full up pretty quickly. We try to send informative and helpful newsletters instead of bombarding leads with useless pushy marketing emails that they don’t want to receive. 

Social Media Marketing

My favorite type of marketing is social media marketing. You get to be so creative and colorful using multiple forms of media. Adverts can be targeted to the exact type of person you’re looking for. If you’re using LinkedIn Ads, you can even target their job title. For example, show this advert to every CEO under the age of 35.

It’s that simple. I’ve never seen any other platform able to target your audience to this level. Facebook and Instagram are great for geographical and age segmentation.

Are we causing The Social Dilemma?

The sky genuinely is the limit to how you use these platforms to market. Which brings me right back to The Social Dilemma.

  • Are we all just numbers?
  • Are companies putting revenue ahead of everything else once again?
  • Can we be considered wise in letting these social media platforms have so much access to our lives and information?

“If you’re not paying for the product, then you’re the product.”

The Social Dilemma

I can’t honestly disagree with that quote at all. We, as marketers, are paying for the attention of the platform users therefore incentivizing these companies to carry on exploiting their users’ information. Though I hope that the government does regulate these platforms a bit better, I feel that we as marketers have the responsibility to make the content that we use to advertise better for the receiver. Not to just focus solely on marketing but on the Inbound methodology of giving them value. 

Both Sides of the Coin

However, let’s not forget about all the good that these platforms do. Connecting and bringing together loved ones across the globe. Being able to mark that you’re safe in a natural disaster. Creating awareness on social and humanitarian issues and the list goes on. This documentary does seem to be a bit one-sided.

Is this the Social Dilemma?

Who is Responsible for The Social Dilemma?

Which also brings us back to who is ultimately responsible? We can’t put all the blame onto these big corporations as we let ourselves get sucked into these platforms. We let our children get sucked into them too. There comes a time when we can’t depend on big money hungry corporations or the government to protect us, we have to make some decisions ourselves. Whether this is such a time or not, it’s up to you to decide.

I don’t believe that digital marketing is going anywhere, regardless of regulation changes or platform changes. It is here to stay, so it’s up to us as marketers to be the change that makes a difference. In a world where marketing is everywhere, we can make our products and services stand out by being helpful, ethical, and customer orientated. I’m not saying let’s throw everything upside down. I’m saying let’s be more thoughtful with the content we create and more mindful of the power we weld.

Have you watched The Social Dilemma?

I would love to hear what you thought of the documentary, please leave a comment below.

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