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Why Is Sales Forecasting Important

Why Is Sales Forecasting Important?

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“Sebastian and Connor were very attentive to our needs and took the time to learn our business to tailor the best product for us. I would recommend working with them for your sales Reporting needs.”

Gary, Grand coast capital group

“MethodData’s automated daily new contacts email for any HubSpot List is a game changer for Sales folks. It has empowered remote and local Sales Representatives, improved engagement with HubSpot and driven up Sales.”


Meet the Team

Sebastian Walker
Founder and CEO

Sebastian is a Baltimore-based entrepreneur and former IT program manager with IBM, Thomson Reuters, and Legg Mason. Born and raised in South Africa, Sebastian moved to London after college.

Over the last 20 years, he has delivered complex data-driven IT projects in over 30 countries and served in multiple management roles. Sebastian met his wife, Leana, in a bookstore in London and moved to the US in 2012. They live in Baltimore with their 3-year-old son and their newborn baby girl.

Shankar Ananthanarayanan
Vice President of Engineering

Shankar is a D.C. area-based technologist who has dabbled in many things ranging from Mainframes to Machine Learning. He grew up in Chennai, India and moved to the US 20 years ago to pursue his Masters in Computer Science and has loved living there ever since.

Having built successful Engineering teams and products, he likes to constantly learn about new technologies and help Engineers reach their full potential. He loves books, adventure and board games, various sports, learning new languages and music.

Amelia Hilgart
Senior Product Manager

Amelia is highly motivated and team-driven with experience in product management, data science, data visualization, and research-driven experimental design. She loves working with new and interesting data and helping customers to shape it into useful products and stories.

When out of the office she enjoys spending time with her family cycling and hiking and working in her garden. She is also an avid home-brewer.

Mike Kopelowitz
Lead Data Engineer

Mike is a Senior Data, Integration and Software Engineer who is driven by providing high quality, robust solutions and services. With a passion for challenging questions, data insights, dashboards, alerts and technology he is often doing different proof of concepts and indulging his curiosity with a tenacious disposition.

Mike enjoys the gym, outdoors, water, kitesurfing, playing the guitar (yes, he shreds), visiting the countryside and all types of fishing. Dedicated to his wife Candice and daughter Anastasia, he spends his time with them (doing the aforementioned activities if possible).

Msingathi Majola
Senior QA Engineer

Msingathi is a QA Engineer who specializes in automation, and is dedicated to the delivery of quality software for organizations and ensures that service management is maintained throughout the project lifecycle. Msingathi is a graduate in Computer Systems Engineering from Tshwane University of Technology and currently pursuing a Masters in IT Governance with Nelson Mandela University.

When he is not working or studying, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and dining out; listening to music and hanging out with friends.

Connor Redmon
Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

Connor is a highly motivated Senior Software Engineer who takes great pride in developing thoughtful and high-quality real-world applications. He obtained his computer engineering degree from Christopher Newport University.

When Connor is away from the computer, he enjoys going to Washington Nationals games with his girlfriend, as well as being outdoors with his two dogs, Daisy and Drax.

Willem Basson
Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

Willem is a highly motivated Senior Full Stack Engineer with a love for everything software-related. Willem constantly strives to make a difference in the everyday life of our clients by solving their complex real-world problems with innovative solutions.

When Willem is away from the computer, he enjoys the outdoors and sports, with a particular passion for running with his dogs, hiking and playing field hockey.

Cameron Perrier
Full Stack Software Engineer

Cameron is a Software Developer who has a passion for solving client’s problems with software. He has a deep curiosity to learn and a strong desire to understand the clients’ needs and translate those needs into software solutions that are efficient for both the end-user and for developers.

Prior to joining MethodData, he created many applications, from a solution that controls IoT infrastructure using Raspberry Pis to an application that allows users to configure and control radius servers. When Cameron is not coding for MethodData, he likes to go hiking, camping, work on his tiny house and experiment with home automation.

David Craig
Junior Full Stack Software Engineer

David is a Junior Software Engineer always eager to learn more. While pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Science at the University of Mary Washington, he has been working as a software developer for MethodData.

During his spare time, David shifts to his multitude of hobbies, including gardening, hiking with his girlfriend and caring for his various pets.

Alexander Bossi
Junior Full Stack Software Engineer

Alexander is a Junior Full Stack Software Engineer who recently graduated with a degree in Computer Science in South Africa. Having studied a wide variety of languages, Alex is excited to rapidly increase his skillset and is constantly looking to expand his knowledge on the latest software development technology.

Outside of work, Alex enjoys many hobbies, including computer gaming and collectible card games. He also thoroughly enjoys an evening of board games with friends and a good braai (bbq).

Tristan Burdett
Junior Full Stack Software Engineer

Tristan is a Junior Full Stack Software Engineer who is passionate about learning
and developing high-quality, real-world applications. He recently graduated with
a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in South Africa. From a very young age, 
Tristan knew that he would be working in the IT industry and once he got a small taste of software development, his career path was chosen.

Tristan is always on the lookout for the next learning curve in order to expand his
knowledge and skill set. In his spare time, Tristan enjoys playing computer games
competitively and casually.

Devan Moller
Junior Full Stack Software Engineer

Devan is a young and ambitious Junior Full Stack Engineer. He has recently graduated from the North-West University in South Africa with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. Devan believes that with enough hard work and determination absolutely anything is possible.

Devan enjoys reading and spending time outdoors with his girlfriend. His hobbies include hiking, rock climbing, card games, video games and collecting books.

Saskia Rautenbach
Junior Full Stack Software Engineer

Saskia is a Junior Software Developer who is passionate about the entire development
process and creating user experiences as well as solving technical problems. She
completed her formal education through the University of South Africa.

When she is not developing she is spending time with her family and pets. Her hobbies
include cooking and computer gaming.

Nicholas Marais
Junior Full Stack Software Engineer

Nicholas is a Junior Software Engineer who is an enthusiastic and motivated individual. He is eager to expand his knowledge and determined to prove himself.

When Nicholas is not learning new technologies and languages, he likes to lose track of time online gaming. If you can’t get hold of Nicholas he is probably out surfing without his phone or computer. If only it was possible to do them together.

Shem Odede
Junior Full Stack Software Engineer

Shem is a self-taught developer with a passion for programming and problem-solving. He also enjoys a good challenge in any sphere that forces him to think outside of the box. Shem has expeience in both front-end development, back-end development and just enough dev-ops to keep something alive on the internet.

When not working, Shem enjoys pick-up basketball games, spending time with his girlfriend, listening to music or watching movies.

Zolazamani Mazibuko
Junior Full Stack Software Engineer

Zola is a highly motivated electronic engineering graduate who loves coding. He loves working with teams who offer elegant solutions to complex problems and remain fluid from start to finish.

When he isn’t learning new tech to improve his skill set, he enjoys going out with friends to try out new restaurants and occasionally packs a bag to visit a different province to decompress.

Amy-Louise Pratt
Senior Business Analyst

Amy-Louise is a Senior Business Analyst who is passionate about using HubSpot to help businesses grow. While doing a double major in Business Management and Accounting through the University of South Africa, she discovered her passion for HubSpot, Sales and Marketing. She loves being able to use her practical knowledge and combine it with her creative side.

When she’s not expanding her knowledge, she enjoys spending time with her husband outdoors while overlanding and hiking. She can also be found relaxing with a good book when she’s not having family and friends over for meals.

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