MethodData's automated daily new contacts email for any HubSpot List is a game changer for Sales folks. It has empowered remote and local Sales Representatives, improved engagement with HubSpot and driven up Sales.



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Sales Reporting

MethodData puts the human touch into the HubSpot platform by providing meaningful, internally-facing sales metrics

What we Do

We've built a data and reporting product for HubSpot Enterprise users. Our product allows deep analytical insight and reporting of trends and opportunities in HubSpot CRM and Marketing data.  Hubspot is built by Marketing people for Marketing People. It wasn’t really designed for Sales people. HubSpot currently lacks a robust and flexible reporting tool which can help answer complex business questions

HubSpot does not provide the ability to analyze trends in snapshots of data. MethodData provides users with detailed dashboards and email reports which can be run over a long-time horizon. As a standalone integration, there's no setup required within HubSpot. You simply need to login and get started.

Our Reports

1) HubSpot List Report

Quite simply, this report takes Contacts from a HubSpot List and sends them as an email as often as required. You can decide which contact Fields are in the report, when it is sent, if all Contacts in the List or only new ones should be included, and who it goes to (even outside your company). Should you required more than 11 Fields, a spreadsheet will be attached to the email with the requested List information.



2) Sales Pipeline Change Report

Sales Managers have no way in HubSpot to get a quick snapshot of what has changed in the pipelines of their team. The Sales Pipeline Activity report shows changes since the last time it was received, as well as a list of deals which have had no activity within a given timeframe. This is a highly useful “tactical” tool. There will no need going forward for Sales people to manipulate spreadsheets to get the data they need. Sales Managers will no longer have to spend many hours a week preparing data for their Sales meetings.

In addition we attach a Sales Pipeline Spreadsheet. This is a tabular report of the Sales Pipeline broken down by quarter or month, in order to help Sales Leaders report their Sales progress. Each Sales Leader is unique, so we will make the report builder flexible enough to be valuable to each customer.


3) Pipeline Deal Velocity Report

Sales Representatives and Sales Leaders have no way in HubSpot to determine the pace at which Deals are progressing. Our Pipeline Deal Velocity Report sends a regular email showing the top 10 Deals with the highest Velocity through the Pipeline and the bottom 10 Deals with the slowest Velocity through the Pipeline. Each Deal is compared to the average for all the Deals.


4) Pipeline Deal Stage Velocity Report

Sales Representatives and Sales Leaders have no way in HubSpot to determine the pace at which Deals are progressing through each Stage. Our Pipeline Deal Stage Velocity Report sends a regular email showing the top 3 Deals with the highest Velocity through every stage of the Pipeline and the bottom 3 Deals with the slowest Velocity through every Stage of the Pipeline. Each Deal Stage is compared to the average for all the Deals for that Stage.



Weighted Pipeline Report

This is a simple tool to take the Pipeline Stage value and multiply it by the Deal amount to create a “probability weighted Pipeline” value. This allows sales leaders to report a Stage-discounted Pipeline value.


Our Dashboards

1) Historical Pipeline Value

See the total value of any or all of your Pipelines over the last 3, 12 or 36 months in a real-time easy to read dashboard.


2) Actual vs Forecasted Revenue

Real time display of actual Pipeline value for each Sales Representative for current quarter versus Forecasted Revenue for the next four quarters. This can be seen for any or all of your Pipelines. The top 5 Sales Representatives are displayed in the bar graph.


3) Sales Representative Information

Detailed real time information per Sales Representative. Information that is available includes:

  • % Deals closed this quarter
  • % total Pipeline activity
  • % overall Pipeline activity
  • Velocity
  • 24-hour Pipeline activity
  • Pipeline totals per quarter
  • Breakdown of Deals closing this and next quarter
  • Weighed value of Deals worked and not worked this quarter
  • # of Deals worked and not Worked this quarter

Our Report/Dashboard Design

At MethodData, we are continuously adding to our suite of world-leading HubSpot Sales Reports and Dashboards.
However, if you have specific requirements for customized Reports or Dashboards, please contact us. We can work with you to design and build everything from a one-off report or dashboard to a full suite of complex dashboards. Our software development team will work with you to design and build the tools to match your exact requirements.
If the data exists in HubSpot, there is almost no report or dashboard that the team at MethodData cannot build.


A plan for everyone


Who we Are


Sebastian Walker

Co-Founder & CEO

Sebastian is a Baltimore-based entrepreneur and former IT program manager with IBM, Thomson Reuters, and Legg Mason.

Born and raised in South Africa, Sebastian moved to London after college. Over the last 20 years, he has delivered complex data-driven IT projects in over 30 countries and served in multiple management roles. Sebastian met his wife, Leana, in a bookstore in London and moved to the US in 2012. They live in Baltimore with their 2-year-old son, and are expecting a baby girl in the spring.


Will Craig

Software Engineer

Will is a software engineer with a boundless interest in all aspects of the field. He is a computer science graduate from Christopher Newport University, along with his friend/teammate/arch-rival Connor Redmon.

Since graduating, he has been involved in a variety of projects encapsulating a multitude of softwares and languages - WPF tablet applications, video-games with procedural generation features, and now a developer at Method Data (with a keen focus on UX design). In his free time, Will enjoys MMA, playing guitar, brewing beer, and keeping up to date with the latest technologies and practices in the industry.


Connor Redmon

Software Engineer

Connor is a highly motivated software engineer who takes great pride in developing thoughtful and high quality real-world applications.  

While obtaining his computer engineering degree from Christopher Newport University, he would eventually meet, and room with, his future co-worker, Will Craig. When Connor is away from the computer, he enjoys going to Washington Nationals games with his girlfriend, as well as being outdoors with his two dogs, Daisy and Drax.

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