Our Services

We work with organizations to provide high-quality services in the areas of Product Development, Digital Transformation, and Business Intelligence. Powered by data, we can help you improve your systems at any stage in the process.

Customer Experience Redesign

Customer Experience (CX) Innovation

Bridge the gaps between you and your customers.

We take a user-centric approach to improve customer experience and fuel growth. Our process drives innovation and avoids reactive design so that we can think outside the box while maintaining business goals.

UI Development

Our UI team is driven by experience and a strong attitude towards improvement to become better and more efficient at what we do. We collaborate with our exceptional UX team to create and build the dream you envisioned. Making use of Agile methodologies to create a standard across the entire project, we focus on quality and functionality to not only give you the best product but give your clients the best experience as well.

Front-End UI Development

Our highly diverse team can build out projects in any technology you are interested in. We’ll guide you through the entire process of choosing the best platforms based on the requirements. Collaborating with our remarkable Back-end team, we can plan and build out the entire project from start to finish to ensure customizability across the project to satisfy any specification.

SaaS-Based Application Development

Many pioneering businesses are often confused by the large number of choices when it comes to creating a web-based or mobile application to help their customer base. What’s truly important is your unique use case, and how we can implement it to help you succeed.

Let us help you cut through the hyperbole by explaining your options whether they may be centered around the shortest time to market or the lowest cost, both short term and long term.

SaaS-Based Development Services

We have trusted, long-term relationships with our clients, and would prefer to get your project done right the first time. To help with this, we employ a team of highly talented professionals who listen to your business needs and document them in easy-to-understand formats which helps us drive towards successful outcomes every single time.

AWS Cloud Migration

Simplifying your journey to the cloud.

As your business scales, so do any inefficiencies and limitations in your IT infrastructure. You may need a cohesive digital transformation strategy to guide change. A Cloud platform like AWS can become a convenient and effective part of the strategy. That’s where MethodData can help.

Integrations and Automations

MethodData can help your business facilitate cross-platform communication, systemize repetitive tasks, and use efficient workflows to optimize performance. An integrated solution improves lead management and sales, time efficiency, reliability, security, and improved data management and reporting. It also reduces risk and human error.

Managed Services

Business continuity zealots.

MethodData doesn’t just provide passive managed IT services. Our highly motivated Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) provide continuous engineering services using best practices to retain the optimized health and performance of your Cloud environment. We handle everything from the infrastructure to the automation of workflows for continuous service optimization.

Managed AWS Services

Our AWS Certified Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) provide continuous monitoring of your AWS services, APIs, and dataflows to ensure optimized spending, security, and reliability for all your cloud workloads.

Unsupervised Learning

Our SREs make use of native AWS tooling to monitor the health, availability, and performance of all AWS services. That extends to the use of detailed log analysis related to who did what, and when requirements of your data-driven apps.

Site Reliability Engineers (SREs)

We look to bridge the gap between software engineering, and IT systems management, with our hyper-attentive, continuously certifying, and energetic team of engineers.

AWS Application Performance Monitoring

When necessary, our team prescribed additional Application performance monitoring for custom app components living in the AWS environment.

Data Science AI/ML

Data science – current fad or a useful tool to grow your business?

As the rate of data capture has expanded quickly beyond the reach of a single spreadsheet and classical statistics, the field of data science has emerged to help understand and predict emerging insights.

Supervised Learning

Supervised learning uses information and insights that you already have to predict what will happen next or to identify a similar occurrence.


  • Fraud detection
  • Video & image classification
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Customer retention


  • Forecasting (weather or market)
  • Population growth prediction
  • Life expectancy estimation

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning is all about the here and now. These methods focus on real-time decision-making problems in different contexts.

  • Robotic navigation and learning tasks
  • Real-time decision making
  • What happens next in a video game
  • Skill acquisition
  • IoT analysis and response

Unsupervised Learning

Unsupervised learning tends to have more exploratory purposes and is used to better understand which data is important for solving particular problems.


  • Recommendation engines
  • Targeted marketing
  • Customer segmentation

Dimensionality Reduction

  • Feature extraction
  • Meaningful data compression
  • Visualization of massive datasets
  • Understanding data structure

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things expands your business horizons and bridges the gap between devices and the cloud.

Build out an interconnected ecosystem of devices, sensors, and appliances and have a holistic view of the entire system at the tip of your fingers.

Device Connectivity

Making your smart devices even smarter. We’ll not only just connect your devices to the cloud, but also to one another. This will allow the devices to communicate with one another and allow you access to remotely control and monitor your devices.

  • Connecting your edge devices to the cloud
  • Connecting your smart devices to each other
  • Creating a dashboard to visualize your IoT devices

Business Process Automation

Incorporating IoT into your business processes can have a large impact on optimizing these processes. Whether a health company requires remote patient monitoring to detect slips and falls, or a manufacturing company needs a holistic view of a production line. We can assist your business in optimizing your IoT use and help you make informed choices with the help of AI/ML.

  • Connecting your edge devices to the cloud
  • Connecting your smart devices to each other
  • Creating a dashboard to visualize your IoT devices

Smart Homes and Buildings

Connecting your smart devices in your home or a building allows you to remotely control and monitor the building. Having various devices connected can enable you to limit your power consumption, monitor water usage, detect the number of people in a building and assist with access control.

  • Connecting your edge devices to the cloud
  • Connecting your smart devices to each other
  • Creating a dashboard to visualize your IoT devices

Self Service Reporting & Dashboards

HubSpot Dashboards and Email Reports (DIY)

Transforming data into Reports helps you make smarter marketing and sales decisions and do countless other activities in the interest of advancing your business. It will help you make the correct decisions, and decisions that are highly informed. Since our solution is a standalone integration, there’s no setup required within HubSpot. You simply need to log in and get started, setting up your very own informative reports that you and your business colleagues most need to gain visibility into your sales and marketing operations.

Strong security is at the core of our services.

We incorporate security best practices into each of our services. Visit our security page to learn more about the steps we take to keep projects secure.

Industries We’ve Served


Our engineers have experience simplifying complicated workflows in the legal system. We can build upon the tools you already use.


We understand the accessibility and compliance needs in the healthcare industry. Our applications are secure and ADA compliant.


Are you in a niche industry? Our team thrives on curiosity and exploration. We encourage you to schedule a consultation to discuss your unique business needs.